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Email – Appending Lists On Triggered Deployments

Step One

Before you upload the initial list, note the output criteria/headers and the order of those headers that are present. Make sure that your additional list/s has the exact same output criteria / column headers in the exact same order. If these do not match then you can either re-output the additional list to match or manually edit it in Excel. If the additional lists are missing some of this data, that is fine that those rows are blank provided that missing data is not necessary for the functioning of your links.

Step Two

Upload your initial list to your deployment, making sure to take note of the list options you have selected as any appended lists will inherit these settings.

Step Three

Using the “Append List” link to the right of your initial list, upload or select the additional list/s.

Now if the headers truly match on all the appended audience lists then you should be able to proceed to the testing, approving and scheduling your deployment as normal.

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