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Release Notes for V21.16

View Olytics Visits/Occurrences When Olytics Tags are not Defined for Site

In cases where clients have Olytics on their site, but did not include an Olytics tag, those page visits are now broken out within Audience Search.

CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering)

Consent Manager Last Scan Date to be Displayed

The Last Scan Date for a Consent Manager will now display on the Consent Management Site Selection screen as well as within the General tab of an individual Consent Manager.

Form Builder

Allow Form Builder Confirmation Emails to Send from Specified Deployment Types

Users now have the ability to select a deployment type when creating or editing an email confirmation in Form Builder. Users can now send email confirmations from Form Builder with a branded sending domain as well as track clicks and opens when tied to a specific deployment type.


Delayed Email Conditions Allow for Multiple Email Selection

When multiple email elements are used within an Odyssey voyage, if Delayed Conditions are used and set to Opened or Not Opened, users can now select additional email elements that the condition should be applied to. This will allow passengers to advance if they have opened any of the selected emails, or if they have not opened any of the selected emails.

“Business Hours” Global Setting to Limit when Audience Members Advance to the Next Element

For users with the appropriate permissions, a new Global Settings tab will appear in Odyssey. Within this setting, users can set the Business Hours for the database. When a setting is applied, a check box will appear within individual Wait elements where users can choose to use the Business Hours setting. If selected, audience members will wait the amount of time set in the Wait element. After that time period is over, Audience Members will only advance to the next element if it is within the Business Hours. If not, they will wait until it is.

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