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Release Notes for July 1 | V22.9

Data Loader

Receive Email Notifications for Selected FTP Files

When setting up email notifications for FTP file uploads, users can now select which files they would like to receive email notifications for. Preview how this update works here.


Improved Performance for Odyssey Search Screen

The Odyssey Search screen has been updated to improve the speed at which voyages load.

Prevent Audience Upload if Fields Contain Commas

To prevent errors, Odyssey will alert users upon upload if an audience file contains fields with internal commas.


Statement of Ownership Report

We created a Statement of Ownership report that all clients can use that should hopefully account for all situations (paid/non-paid, print/digital/both, qualified/non-qualified, US/Canada/Int’l).  After the user has been authorized, it can be accessed from the Reports & Analytics under the Audience Reports section.

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