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Release Notes for V18.12

Audience Builder (OnQ)

Custom names for Groups within queries:
When assigning a name to a group within your Audience Builder query, the actual Group number will now be retained. This will allow you to easily identify each group when you select the option to “output by group”. As an example, if you renamed Group 1 to Customers and Group 2 to Prospects, the output filename will show Group1 Customers and Group 2 Prospects. Even if you delete the group number it will continue to appear in the filename. Please contact your account manager with questions.

Customize case in output files:
When outputting any type of file, whether a text file, a post to an ftp site, or a file for Email, you can declare to Customize Case. The options are UPPER CASE, lower case, or Upper Lower. This selection will apply to all fields in your output file. Please look for this new field at the bottom of the list of output options.


Adding Google Ads (Double-Click for Publishers, or DFP)
If you are an Olytics user, the new DFP Element can be added to your Voyage. The setup of DFP is the same as it is now – it sends a key/value pair to DFP and assigns that key/value pair to the Customers from the Odyssey Audience Builder selection.

Continuous Voyages
Automation is here! You can now create a Continuous Voyage which will refresh the associated Audience Builder Query and send newly added people down the Voyage at the specified time. The Voyage will continue to refresh and add new people until the Voyage is purposely stopped by the user.


Ability to resize the modal:
You can now set an”Override Max Width” which will apply to the bottom right.

Banner options:
Personalization now allows the option to run a banner at the top or bottom of the web page in addition to the current options of Modal Center, Modal Bottom Right.

Remove Gray Blur Area Around Modal:
You can now select to “Remove Background Blur/Overlay” when setting up a Personalization. This means that the background behind the modal/banner will still be active and not be hidden behind the gray overlay.


Data Tracker report
The vendor’s filename now appears in the Data Tracker report. This will allow you to easily balance the files that you receive from external sources. Please contact your account manager for further information on this.

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