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Odyssey Fatigue Filter Element

The Fatigue Filter element is available to use in any Odyssey voyage where an email address is included in the Audience source file. This element enables users to advance only audience members who are not “fatigued” per the setting in the element. The element can be set to use a trigger so that audience members will be checked at a set frequency as soon as the set conditions allow.

After adding a Fatigue Filter element to your voyage canvas and clicking the element, the voyage creator can then select their filter criteria in the element inspector on the right side of the canvas.

Using the Fatigue Filter Element

The Element Name will be set to “Fatigue Filter 1” by default but this can be edited to better describe the Filter in the context of your voyage.

To set up the element, users will need to specify the level of fatigue allowed to advance an audience member through the filter element. Fatigue refers to the number of emails sent within a set time period from the selected deployment types. If more than one deployment type are selected, the counter will include all sends from those deployment types in that set time period.

When audience members reach the Fatigue Filter element, the email addresses of those audience members will be checked against a database that stores every email sent out of Omeda on the calendar day they have visited the element. If the audience member’s email address as received less than the set number of emails from the selected deployment types in the time range provided, they will advance to the next element.

Using Filter Conditions

Within the Filter Condition inspector, you can choose to advance your audience to the next element if they Meet Criteria i.e. they are not fatigued. Optionally, you can also choose to use a Triggered Condition, which will enable the voyage to check the audience multiple times, at the frequency to selected, to see if they are no longer fatigued and advance them.

Once the Use Triggered Condition checkbox has been checked, you will be prompted to select the frequency that the criteria will be checked against your audience. The minimum frequency is 30 minutes. In this case, the filter criteria will be checked against your audience every 30 minutes to see if any audience members have met the criteria.

You will also be prompted to select when the trigger should end. You can choose to end the trigger a number of days after the Voyage schedule date or end on a set date. If the default selections are retained, the Filter element will be checked against your audience every 30 minutes after 7 days. After 7 days, any audience member who has not met the criteria will be held at the Fatigue Filter element and will not advance.

Connections and the Fatigue Filter Element

Each element in a Voyage can be connected to and from a subset of other elements. The available connections for the Fatigue Filter Element are listed below.

These elements can connect to a Filter elementThese elements can be connected from a Filter element
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