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Form Builder – Adding a This Is Not Me Widget

Form Builder – Adding a This Is Not Me Widget

Adding the ‘This is Not Me’ widget to a form will allow a user to clear the data that was prepopulated due to the autolookup on email address.

Step 1

Navigate to your form

Step 2

On the Settings page, copy your “site context” (you’ll need this to reference later)

Step 3

In Builder, go to Widgets > Widget (generic) > This is not me widget

Step 4

Drag this onto your form below the email address Box (or can be placed at the top, it’s up to you)

Click SAVE

Step 5

Edit the “This is not me widget” content

Step 6

In the right panel in the “login_page_site_context” paste the site context from Step 2

Click DONE

Step 7

Save > Test > Publish Form

The widget will add a “This is not me” option that someone can click that will clear the prepopulated form fields.

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