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Form Builder – Adding a This Is Not Me Widget

Form Builder – Adding a This Is Not Me Widget

Adding the ‘This is Not Me’ widget to a form will allow a user to clear the data that was prepopulated due to the autolookup on email address.

Step 1

Navigate to your form

Step 2

On the SETUP page, copy your “site context” (you’ll need this to reference later)

Site Context on Setup Page

Step 3

In Builder, go to Generic Use > Widget > This is not me widget

generic use widget

Step 4

Drag this onto your form below the email address Box (or can be placed at the top, it’s up to you)

Click SAVE

This is not me widget in content group

Step 5

Edit the “This is not me widget” content

Step 6

In the “Tag Value” paste the site context from Step 2

Click DONE

Step 7

Save > Preview > Publish

The widget will add a “This is not me” option that someone can click that will clear the prepopulated form fields.

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