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Form Builder – Export URL


The Export URL tool is used to send data from an Omeda form to a database outside of Omeda. Each time the form is submitted, the Export URL tool will trigger and data will be sent to the selected URL.

How to Setup an Export URL

To create an Export URL first navigate to Form Builder and then select “Manage Content” from the Commands list.

On the following screen, select “Local Client Content” and then select your product or company.

Next, select “Tools” from the Content Category menu and then click “Export Url” under the Tools section. If there are existing Export URLs they will appear on the right side when the page re-loads as well as a “Create New” button.

First, go to the bottom of the modal and enter the URL you want to send data and/or redirect the user to.

Then, use the “Content” dropdown at the top of the modal to filter the list of information you can insert below, select the data point, and then click “insert.”

Note: You are responsible for formatting the URL correctly for where you want to send the data, including prefixes for each datapoint to map to the correct field in the other system. You must click inside the URL box at the bottom of the modal to tell it where to insert your selected data point.

Once you’ve selected all of your data points, add a quick description in the Description field and then select your Format and Output Format.


The Format options are determined by what you’re trying to do with the Export URL tool. The Http Post option swill simply post the form data to any URL you provide in the background.

Http Post with Redirect will still post the data to your selected URL, but it will also redirect the person filling out the form to the URL you provided after 5 seconds on the page containing the Export URL element.

The simple Redirect option works just like Http Post with Redirect, including posting to the URL with the form data, but it does not stay on the page with the export tool for 5 seconds before redirecting.

Http Post with Form Data will add an additional field to your Export URL tool where you will need to define the way the from data is exported to your chosen URL (this is only recommended for advanced users).

Finally, the Other option will let you write a custom script and do with the form data as you wish (this is also only recommended for advanced users).

Output Format

Output Format determines how the form data looks when it is exported. Any option containing Text will output the actual string of the form response, while any option containing ID will only output that response’s given ID.

The with Label options will output the corresponding demographic question with the chosen response.

Add to Form

While creating or editing a form, your Export URLs can be found on the left side element menu under the “Page Elements” section.

You can drag the element anywhere on the page and it will trigger the export when that page is loaded.

Note: This element will not display anything on the the actual form.

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