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Release Notes for V20.11

Audience Builder

Allow Audience Builder to Query and Output on Original Customer Date

A new field has been created to help represent a record’s origination date. Original Customer Date will be available to search and output in Audience Builder. This date field will display the oldest created date associated with a record, regardless of which record is the winner when customer ID’s are merged. This field can be found in the Customer Contact fields and will need to be configured into the Field Library to be utilized.

Audience Search

Allow Audience Search to Display the New Original Customer Date

The newly created Original Customer Date will be available in Audience Search as a read only field, allowing the user access to this data from the Audience Search screen.

Data Loader

Populate New Original Customer Date Field for Records Loaded in Data Loader

Data Loader will populate the “Original Customer Date” when records are processed. If the record matches against an existing record, the oldest “Created Date” will be used in the “Original Customer Date”. If the record is a new record, the “Created Date” will be used to populate the “Original Customer Date”.

Omeda SFTP: Display Folder Location

The Edit FTP Site screen for the Omeda SFTP site has been updated in the Host section. The relevant folder path is now shown to indicate the location the user should drop files for Data Loader FTP processing.

Third-Party FTP Sites Now in Data Loader

The FTP site UI will now be able to see non-Omeda FTP sites. This will allow the user to set up other sites to facilitate retrieving files to process through Data Loader. Users can set up a new SFTP or FTP site, depending on their needs. The FTP section does require specific permissions to allow the user access.

View Directory for Third-Party FTP Sites in Data Loader

Users will have the ability to View the Directory of Third-Party FTP sites set up in Data Loader. This will allow a full view of files available on the chosen FTP site.

FTP Directory Action – Create Template from File

From the FTP View Directory section, the user can create a template from a file present on the chosen FTP site. This allows users to create templates for files prior to loading them into Data Loader.

Warn User When Deleting Template Tied to FTP Tracking

Deleting a template that is being used for FTP tracking would delete that tracking. To eliminate the possibility of accidental deletion, a warning will be triggered when a user attempts to delete a template that is being used for FTP Tracking. The user will need to confirm the deletion or cancel the action.

Blanks Will Not to Be Counted as New Values to Be Mapped

Incoming values that are blank or purely white space (for example: the value is a couple of spaces), will not be detected as potential values for mapping on the relevant steps.

Processing Existing Email Address Now Checks for Bounce Status

When email addresses are processed through Data Loader, if there is an existing bounce status for that email address, it will be reset to zero. This update aligns Data Loader with how the processor handles data.

Edit Mapping’s Warning/Errors Modal Changes

When editing a Mapping or Template, errors and warnings on the bottom are tracked. Clicking that warning will bring the user to the Modal that supplies more information. Ignored values will be displayed in the Information tab.

Removed the Garbage Can (Delete Button) from File Mapping Screens

In order to be more streamlined with how a field should be ignored, we removed the “garbage can” icon used for deleting from the filing mapping. Instead, users should use the “Ignore” option.

Default Mapping for Matching Rules

In Data Loader, when a file is loaded without a template, manually or through FTP, the following Match Rules will be turned on by default: Name + Address, Name + Email, Name + Phone, and Exact Email.


Update Schedule Notification to Read Send Date/Time in Selected Timezone

The schedule notification and notification email received by the voyage creator has been updated to include the scheduled date/time and timezone.


Update Consent Manger Modal UI/UX

The Consent Manager Modal has been updated to have a cleaner, more modern design for both desktop and mobile site users.

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