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Reports – Issue Activity Reporting

Issue Activity Report

Issue Close Activity Report – v11

This reports compares the current issue stats to the previous issue’s.

To run this report, go to the “Reports and Analytics” section of the portal and click on “Issue Activity” under “Audience Reports”.  A new tab will open with parameters for you to select.

  1. Select client, brand and product.
  2. Optionally, add a description.
  3. Select the source of the data you wish your report to be run from.  Options are Live, Modeling, and History.
  4. Select the issue.  When selecting a source of Live or Modeling, there is only one issue to select (which is the current issue). When selecting the source of History, you will select the issue which becomes the “current” issue – the report will run and analyze the “current “ issue to the previous issue.
  5. Click “View Report” in the upper right to render the report.

The report can be output to excel. Additionally, from the report displayed in the portal (not once it is in excel off the database), you can click on any of the numbers and it will show you selected customer and subscription details.  This detail can also be downloaded and saved for use in additional research on these customers.

The report is separated by Activations and De-Activations; within these categories, there are “Reasons” defining why the subscriptions were Activated or De-Activated.


  1. ‘Activation Before Issue Close or Reverification from ‘ <previous issue’s class description>
  2. ‘Activation As Part of Issue Close from ‘ <previous issue’s class description>
  3. ‘Active – New Record’
  4. ‘Inactive – New Record’


  1. ‘Dupegalley Deactivation’
  2. ‘Hard Delete – Post Issue Close’
  3. ‘Hard Delete – General’
  4. ‘Dupegalley Deactivation or Customer Requested Hard Delete’
  5. ‘Deactivation Before Issue Close to ‘ <current issue’s class description >
  6. ‘ACS_Kills’
  7. ‘Paid Expire Suspends’
  8. ‘Paid Postal Suspends’
  9. ‘Paid Credit Suspends’
  10. ‘Paid Requested Suspends’
  11. ‘Paid Kill/Refund’
  12. ‘Deactivation As Part of Issue Close to ‘ <current issue’s class description >
  13. ‘Dupegalley Deactivation or Customer Requested Hard Delete’

Summaries are provided by Active Version Change (where the active version is the only change between the prior issue and the current issue) and Geo Detail.

Active Version Change reasons are:

  1. ‘Print to Digital’
  2. ‘Print to Both’
  3. ‘Digital to Print’
  4. ‘Digital to Both’
  5. ‘Digital to Print’
  6. ‘Digital to Both’
  7. ‘Both to Digital’
  8. ‘Both to Print’
  9. ‘New Print’
  10. ‘New Digital’
  11. ‘New Both’

Geo Detail

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