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Release Notes for V20.5

Form Builder (Dragon)

Ability to Show/Hide Demographic Responses

Form Builder users can declare which Demographics responses will be shown on forms by selecting the show check boxes in the UI. This selection then dictates which responses will be shown by default on all sites in which that demo is included. The user will have the ability to adjust the responses manually on individual pages if the need arises.

Show All Sites Where a Content Item Is Placed

When making content changes in Form Builder, the affected sites (in which the content exists) can be viewed without making any changes. Previously, the user was given a list of sites that could be updated, but only for certain content types and only after changes were saved.

Templates for Commonly Used Forms

When creating a Subscription New or Subscription Renew form, the user will now be able to use a template that will pull in the most commonly used fields for that type of form.  The current template options for a New form are Enewsletter, Lead Generation, and Magazine – New.  The current option for a Renewal form is Magazine – Renew.  Clicking Preview Template will display the fields being used for the selected template.

Change the Way Content Items Are Selected to Create/Edit/Delete

The UI has been reworked to make selecting the content items and the work flow easier to understand.  We have removed the need to select create/edit/delete before selecting content. All content can be edited with one click, and create buttons are available in the content list section. Content can be edited and deleted from within a modal that opens rather than loading another screen.

Change All “Site” Text to “Form”

Within the Form Builder UI all references to “site” have been replaced with “form”.

Allow Deployments Set to Checkbox Opt-Out to Display Based on Opt-In Status

Currently, Form Builder shows all conditionally displayed deployment types regardless of the subscribers current opt-out status. This enhancement will hide any deployment types that the subscriber has already opted out of, showing only opt-ins or no status.

Allow CSS, JS and Complex HTML  Files to Be Viewed and Edited within the Form Builder Content UI

Users can now create new or edit content utilizing different formats by typing directly in the CSS, JS or Complex HTML boxes within the Form Builder UI.  This change will speed up the the form editing process by eliminating the need to upload an updated CSS, JS or Complex HTML file after copy edits are made.

Email Builder

Email Builder Merge Variable – Deployment Track ID

Track ID has been added to the drop down list of standard Merge Variables available in Email Builder.

‘Reuse Link Category’ Option in Email Builder Deployment Defaults

The ability to update the “Reuse Link Category” is now available for client users.  This can be accessed through  Email Builder > Tools > Deployment Defaults. Users can choose to allow any previously selected link category information to be pre-populated when a URL is being reused.


Odyssey Merge Variable – Deployment Track ID

Similar to the Email Builder enhancement this release, the merge variable for Track ID will be available in Odyssey.

User Experience Enhancement

Update Top Navigation Bar and Product Picker Labels

There have been some visual updates to the Top Navigation Bar and Product Picker Labels.  The following text has been removed, “OnQ”, “Omail”, “Dragon”, and “Beta” (from Data Loader).  Also, the “Brand” drop down has now been renamed to “Database”.

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