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Release Notes for Sep 15 | V23.13


Omeda UI/UX Updates

With this release, the new UI/UX for Email Builder, Data Loader, Manage Users, and Odyssey will be released to all users. These changes represent the next phase of the ongoing release of Omeda’s new UI/UX and are designed to create an inviting, user-friendly and high-performing environment for our clients. The classic version of these applications will still be available and users can choose to toggle the new UI on or off using a toggle in the navigation.

Short videos previewing these changes are available here.

New Notification Bell

A new notification bell will appear at the top right of the Omeda Navigation bar. Notifications will be sent here for release notes, scheduled maintenances and other messages. Users can read these notifications by clicking the bell and Unread notifications can be marked as Read.

Campaign/Event Tool

Lead Scoring Behavior Ruleset Improvements

In the new Behavior Ruleset for Lead Scoring, the drop-down menus for Behaviors and Attributes values will be updated to be intelligent search to allow for quicker load times of these drop downs. The Attribute drop-down menu will be limited by the selection of the Behavior, also allowing faster load times within the rule set.

Users can now search for a behavior to limit the Behavior list.

After the Attribute has been selected the user can again use a search to limit the responses shown in the Attribute Value drop-down menu.

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