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Release Notes for V20.2

Audience Builder

IP Organization as an Available Field in Match Eval

The IP Organization Field identifies the Organization or Company that an IP address is assigned to. Users will now have the ability to select the IP Organization field in the Match Eval function of Audience Builder, allowing for better ABM targeting at the Organizational level for Anonymous customers or Known customers without Company Name information. This will need to be configured into Match Eval as an available matching option. Please contact your Audience Service Manager to enable access if it is not already available.

Data Loader

Confirm Delete Intention When Removing a Template

A confirm delete has been added to the “Delete” action to help prevent accidental removal of a template.

Keywords on Upload

When you are uploading new files, you can now assign Keywords in the upload screen. When the user is uploading more than one file, the option to apply the same Keyword to all files is also available.

Email Builder

Append Email Builder Parameters Before Anchor Links

An Anchor link allows the page visitor to jump to the specific place (or article) on a continuous scroll web page. To allow Olytics tracking to work in conjunction with these anchor links, the Email Builder parameters will now be inserted before any of the anchor links, preserving the integrity of the landing placement.

Enable Tracking for Mail-To Link

Previously, any clicks on the mail-to links were not tracked. These clicks will now be tracked and available in the Deployment Summary and Heat Map report. While the mail-to clicks are recorded, we do not have traceability or reporting after this point.


Voyage Name Placement and Timestamp of Last Save

The name of the Voyage has been moved to the top center of the canvas. The timestamp of the last save is now visible below the name, allowing users to see that date on the canvas.

Allow Element Tray to Fully Collapse

A drop down menu has been added in the upper left corner to allow a user to completely collapse the tools (lefthand side) and inspector (righthand side) panes, allowing a larger canvas view. This is only visible when the voyage is in a created or published status. In all other statuses, you will not see this menu.


Olytics Reporting – Olytics Field Count by URL Report Modification

The Olytics Field Count by URL report has been updated to allow a user to run this report even if they are not collecting Category/Tag via their olytics script.  This allows clients to see the top URLs visited by domain.  Previously this report could only be run when Category/Tag data was present.

Total Emails Sent Report

A new report has been developed to help our clients understand the total number of emails a single email address is receiving. Date Range, Designation, Sending Domain or Deployment Type are available to further refine your report criteria. This report will be found in the Omail Reports Section and is called Total Emails Sent. Authorization will be required. Please reach out to your Audience Service Manager for access to this report.

Add Dates and Times to the Audience Delivery Report

In the Audience Delivery Report, the dates and times an action occurred will be viewable in each of these columns: Delivered, Bounced, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed and Complaint.

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