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Release Notes for V21.8

Audience Builder

Personalization Impression Skittle Enhancement
The Audience Builder Personalization Skittle has been updated to allow users to isolate records based on how many personalizations they have seen in a specific time frame. Users can target by domain or by specific personalization name.

Data Loader

Display FileId in “View File State”
When viewing the file state, the file ID will now be located in the top right corner of the UI allowing easy access to this information without it being cumbersome in the UI.

Email Builder

Allow Automatic Summary Support from Individual Deployments
From deployment defaults and specific deployments, testers and seeds can now be set up to receive the summary report in addition to the deployment delivery report seven days after the deployment is sent.

Warning Message if Link is Found with a Hard Coded Value for “oly_enc_id” or “r”
If a deployment contains a link with a non-merge variable value following the r= or oly_enc_id= parameters, the user will receive a warning prompting them to review their links. This will prevent users from inadvertently sending a deployment with another customer’s encrypted id in the content.

Form Builder

Expand Character Limit in Form Builder Site Context Box
The character limit for the site context box has been expanded to 50 characters.

Expand Character Limit in Form Builder for Content Label
The character limit for the content label has been expanded to 255 characters.

Ability to Edit Content via Redirect
Similar to the the create content option, users can now edit a form while in the preview view. Clicking edit will allow the user to make changes, by redirecting the user to the edit UI. Once changes are made and saved, the user is directed back to the location on the form.

Ability to Create Company-Level Content in Form Builder
Many clients will use the same content block across various products. Form Builder Content can now be created at the “Company Level”. This update allows content to be easily pulled into forms at the product level, eliminating the need to create the same content block multiple times.

Ability to Renew Gift Subscriptions
Gift subscriptions can now be renewed via Form Builder, allowing for an easier renewal process for gift subscriptions.

Create “Campaign Version” Element
A new element has been added for use when a Campaign Tool Promo Code is added to a form that will override the Requested Version when that Campaign Promo Code is present.


Allow Changes to a Filter Element While in Progress
In Odyssey, users can now pause and modify the filter element in an in progress voyage if it has not yet been visited.

AB Test ElementSupport Query Based Win Condition
Within the A/B Test element in Odyssey, users can now select an Audience Builder query as a win condition and connect the A/B Test element to other channel and marketplace elements. After the test time period is elapsed, a winner will be chosen from the connected elements based on the number of audience members who met the query criteria.

Allow Changes to Link Tracking Pleat for Paused Emails
When an Email element is paused within an in progress voyage, changes to links will be displayed after save, in the link tracking pleat of the element. The link tracking pleat can also be modified while the element is paused.

Allow Audience Element to be Paused and Modified in Continuous Voyages
Users can now pause the Audience element while a continuous voyage is in progress to change the frequency of the voyage as well as the re-entry settings.


Allow SVG Tags (Scalable Vector Graphics) and Span in Meter and Personalization
In the Personalization editor, SVG and span tags can now be used.

Prevent Copy/Pasting Images Into Personalization
In the Personalization editor, users will now be prevented from copy/pasting images into the content. Such images result in excessively large URL strings when displayed on a site and can cause performance issues.

Change Archive All Passed End Date to a Global Settings Checkbox
The archive all passed end date button functionality has been removed and users can now choose to archive Personalizations that have passed their end date automatically from the global settings modal.

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