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Release Notes for V18.9

UI Enhancements

Audience Builder (OnQ)
Omeda continues to enhance the look and usability of Audience Builder based on your comments and suggestions. The wrapping on both the folder side and canvas side has now been improved.

UTF8 Encoding

Clients can now select UTF8 encoding when outputting files in Delta Extract and Lead Gen.

GDPR Enhancements

Additional options have been added. Clients now have the ability to remove the X close from the modal and also remove the ability to close the modal when clicking on the site outside the modal. In addition, once we have consent, you can select to no longer display the modal.

PayPal Orders

Web Registration Forms
Omeda now has the ability to add PayPal credentials and accept payment on Custom Webforms with a PayPal Pay Now button. In the case of an error by our client’s customers, Omeda has the ability to refund these orders through Audience Search.

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