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Release Notes for V20.4

Audience Builder

Street Address 1 and 2 Fields Available as Search Fields in Audience Builder

Users will now be able to isolate records by street address info.  Street Address 1 and 2 will be available as wild card enabled, query fields in the UI – allowing users to search on a portion of the street address.  As with all new fields, Street Address 1 and Street Address 2 will need to be configured into the Audience Builder Library using the Admin Configure tool.

Data Loader

Allow Constants in Templates to Apply to Incoming Files

Building on the Templates and Constants functionality, users can now use constants that have been previously setup on a template to have them applied to a new incoming file.

Account for White-Space in Source Files

Data Loader will now account for “white-space” in source files.  For example, if a file has spaces before and/or after the delimiter, Data Loader will now trim that out and only keep the mapped response.

Implement New Tables for the File and Template Sections

The sort function has been added to the column headers in the Files Tab and the Templates Tab, allowing users to sort all appropriate columns by clicking on the header name.  The column names have been left justified to more closely resemble the look of Odyssey.  Some of our more observant users might also notice that the blue CSV Icon (that resided before the file name) has been removed.

Form Builder (Dragon)

Breadcrumb Navigation Bar in Form Builder

A Breadcrumb navigation bar has been added to the top of the Form Builder UI.  This will allow users to see and edit previous steps in the creation of a Form Builder page.  Clicking on any of the previously finished steps will reroute the user to that section rather than force the user to exit and start again.

Look & Feel Changes to Match Omeda Branding

The Form Builder UI has been updated to have the Omeda Branding.  The magenta coloring has been replaced with the Omeda blue.  The Dragon logo has been removed.

Simplify Form Creation Process

We have simplified the steps when creating a new form via Form Builder (Dragon). The workflow happens on the same page making it easier to modify options before the final creation. This also allows the user to switch between site categories/types as needed. Previously, once you selected a Site Category and Type and then Saved, you could not go back and change the Category.  We have added a breadcrumbs section where the Dragon logo once resided to allow users to see what steps they have already finished and also to allow the user to go back to a previous step if necessary.

 Create JS Embed

Once a Form Builder page has been created, when users click the Embedded Code Link the JavaScript code will be copied to their clipboard and can be pasted into another site.  This allows users to include Form Builder sites within non Form Builder (non Omeda) pages. The user can modify the size of the form by updating the size of the Iframe itself.

Add Profile Selector to Form Builder

The Profile Selector has been added to the Top of the Form Builder UI.  Upon changing profiles the user will be redirected to the Main Menu.  As with all places in the UI, the selected profile will dictate what objects the user can view and utilize.

Expand Form Builder Address Fields

The character limits on address fields (1, 2 and 3), the Department field and the City have all been expanded in Form Builder to match the Database limits.  For the Address and Department fields, that limit is 255 characters.  For City, the limit is 100 characters.


Ability to Add a Form Submit to the Middle of a Voyage

Odyssey users will now have the ability to add a Form Builder form submit to the middle of a voyage without any delay.  This will allow a different path for passengers after they have submitted a Form Builder form.


Ability To Sort Profiles

The Profile list can now be custom organized to display in the order that makes most sense to the user’s work flow. Please contact your Client Services Manager if you would like to reorganize the list to better accommodate your users.


Obtain Customer IDs from Data Tracker Report

The Data Tracker Report will now be dynamic, allowing users to click on the reported numbers to download the list of customer IDs that are represented by that number.

User Experience Enhancement

Update Forgot Password Verbiage

New verbiage has been created for when an invalid user id is entered in the login window. The message will now say “We are unable to process your reset password request, please contact your account manager for assistance.”

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