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Release Notes for V19.1


Email Branching

The Odyssey Email Branching function allows you to select specific audiences within the journey, targeting those who have either:

  • Opened and clicked through the email
  • Opened but didn’t click through the email
  • Didn’t open the email

This will help to better target specific audiences during your voyage.

Graceful Shutdown

This allows the ability to select an Audience to stop sending the Odyssey Voyage to. Once completed, the Voyage will no longer have the ability to be scheduled. That way, your voyage will continue for all that are already in it and also stop sending to new people within the designated audience.

Print Canvas (PDF) Export

Now, you are able to export the Odyssey Canvas as a PDF file.

Integration of Audience Builder into Odyssey

Rather than going into Audience Builder, you can now create OnQ Queries within the Odyssey platform.

Email Builder

Allow access to Omail Tracking fields via API

The fields returned from the Email deployment API have been broadened to include Tag, Keyword, Category, Category Value.

Audience Builder

Add Customer Count to Audience Builder Query Open

When opening an OnQ query you can now see a count of the query on the Search Screen.  This count will be the count from the last time the query was saved.

Audience Builder Admin Configure tool update

The search option in the Admin Configure tool will now search within folders to allow for more complete searching.

Campaign/Event Tools

Allow Users to Edit Non Paid Promo Codes

Users can now edit a non paid promo code if that promo code has no orders or pending orders associated with it.  You will find this ability in the Actions column by selecting Edit.

Dragon Forms

Add Mexican State Drop Down For Subforms

There is now the ability to have a Mexican State drop down menu for Dragon Sub forms to allow subscribers to complete a Mexican mailing address.


Updates to Assignment Events

Within Audience Search under the ABM Tab, you now have the ability to view the last 50 events for Assignments.

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