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Email Deployment Content Lookup


An api available to our omail clients.

For a given set of url parameters – the API will return the text or html content for a given omail deployment and specified split.

General Technical Requirements

The following technical requirements apply to all requests for this API.

Base Resource URI



brandAbbreviation is the abbreviation for the brand textOrHtml valid values are “text” or “html” and determine whether the API returns the text version of the deployment content or the html version of the deployment content. trackingNumber is the tracking number for the omail deployment. splitSequence is the split sequence of the omail deployment. If the deployment has multiple splits, you would pass ‘1’ to see split 1’s content, etc.

HTTP Headers

The HTTP header must contain the following elements: x-omeda-appid a unique id provided to you by Omeda to access your data. The request will fail without a valid id.

Content Type

The content type is text/html.

Supported HTTP Methods

There is one HTTP method supported: GET See W3C’s GET specs for details.

Example URL to retrieve the html content from split 1 of omail deployment ACME190211008:*

Example URL to retrieve the text content from split 2 of omail deployment ACME141001003:*

Success Response will return the content corresponding to the search values in the lookup URL.

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