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Release Notes for V20.15

Audience Builder

Behavior Promocode Field Available for Output

The Behavior Promo Code field will now be available to output through the Audience Builder Output UI. This field will need to be configured into the Output Library in order to be utilized.

Email Frequency Filters Update for Audience Builder

Users will now be able to filter out records that have received deployments within a specified time. A new option has been added to the Email Behavioral Data Skittle allowing users to select how many emails are permitted to be received within the allotted time and return only those that have not exceeded those limits.
Use Case:  This will allow the users to filter email frequency down to the hour so subscribers don’t receive multiple marketing emails within a 4, 8 or 12 hour window to help with list fatigue.

Profile Created Date Available in Audience Builder

A new date field has been added to Audience Builder that will display the date a record entered that specific profile. This field, called Profile Created Date, will require configuration in order to be utilized. 
Use Case:  One obvious advantage is if a client sets up a profile by brand, it would let them know how many customers were new to that brand on a given day.

Email Deployment Data – Opt-In/Opt-Out Date Picker Data

The RHS display (in Audience Builder) has been updated to show if the selection was created based on Opt-In or Opt-Out status.  
Use Case:  This will allow the user to quickly determine if the query is built based on Opt-Ins or Opt-Outs without having to navigate to the Email Builder Behavioral section.

Data Loader

Allow Data Loader Records to Move from Newsletter Class “Promotional” to “Suspend” Through Processing

Customers can now be mapped to the Newsletter class of “Suspend” if they were previously in the class of “Promotional”.     
Use Case:   Clients that want to move unengaged newsletter recipients (those in Promotional class typically have not requested the newsletter) into the Suspend class to keep their newsletter lists “clean”.  Clients will typically want to run this cleanup process on a regular (i.e. weekly or monthly) basis. Moving these unengaged folks out of the newsletter Promotional class into the Suspend class will also help provide clarity in reporting for their newsletter counts.

Verify File Job on Data Loader

Files that are currently undergoing a job now have a “View Job Status” action in order to confirm that the status for that file is correctly synced.   

Form Builder

Add Class to Rates and Numeric Inputs 

The class and rate elements have been updated to allow for them to be styled as a group, rather than being styled individually by ID. Any new elements belonging to that group that are added to the page will have the style already applied to them if they are addressed by the new class name. This also differentiates certain elements that were previously indistinguishable from each other – like text inputs and numeric inputs. 

Email Builder

Email Builder – Unsubscribe Warning

Some of our clients are using Preference Page Unsubscribe links or merge variables. Our system was only checking for the @{confirmunsubscribelink}@ merge variable. The Deployment Defaults (all levels) have been updated to allow the user to “Set Unsubscribe Warning Condition”. This new Dropdown will allow the user to select the type of unsubscribe, the system checks for.  The following options will be available:
“Preference Page URL(s)”. 
A Tool Tip has been added stating “By default, a warning message will appear if the @{confirmunsubscribelink}@ merge variable is not present within the Email Content. Updating this option will present the warning message if the the specified Preference Page URL link is missing from the email content.”


Goal Functionality within Odyssey

Odyssey Voyages can now leverage a new “Goal” element to track the success of their voyage and suppress passengers who meet the Goal criteria. The Goal element can be added to a Static or Continuous voyage by clicking Create Goal in the “…” menu within the Voyage. Within the new element, a Goal criteria can be selected or created from Audience Builder. When the voyage is In Progress, any passengers, at any point within the Voyage who meet the criteria, will advance to the Goal element and will be suppressed from visiting other elements within the voyage. 
Use Case: If the purpose of your voyage is increase registrations for an upcoming event, you can create a Goal where the criteria contains audience members who have registered for the event. Any passengers within your voyage who register for the event after receiving your marketing efforts, will be suppressed from receiving future efforts within the voyage. After your voyage is complete, the success of your voyage can be measured by the number of audience members who met the Goal. 


Update Olytics.Fire Targeting to Exclude

Sites can now be excluded from displaying Personalizations or Meter messages based on the parameters that are stored on the page.

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