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Send Form Submission Data via Zapier

In today’s world, it’s necessary to have an easy way to pass data from one app to another. In Form Builder, we’ve made it easy to pass data using our “Export URL” feature that can help you connect and pass data to numerous apps outside of Omeda. Unfortunately, there are some instances where our Export URL feature may not work for the app your trying to integrate with. Most common reason: the third-party app doesn’t accept the format we send data in. Thankfully, Omeda has now connected Omeda’s Form Builder with Zapier, allowing you to send data in the most commonly used formats.

Omeda’s “New Form Submission” trigger in Zapier can be used to send form submission data to 5,000+ apps. Upon each Omeda Form Submission, the data captured on that form can be sent to a third-party using no-code and minimal setup.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started (create an Omeda Support ticket to obtain the following):

  • Client Brand Abbreviation
  • Encrypted Input ID
  • New API key

Then, login to your Zapier account and create your new Zap!

  1. Select the Omeda (1.0.0) app
  2. Select the New Form Submission Event
  3. Connect to your Omeda account using the above; Brand Abbreviation, Input ID, API Key, and select the Environment to which you want to connect to (Staging or Production).
    Note: If you’ve already connected to your Omeda account prior, you will not have to repeat this step again. You will be given the option to choose from the drop-down menu the account that’s already been connected to.
  4. Select the form you’d like to integrate the Zapier Trigger with. This field will pull in all your Form Builder forms. Use the search bar to navigate more quickly.
  5. Zapier will pull in the most recent transaction made on the selected form.
  6. Select that form submission and review the data in the Test step.
  7. After a submission is found, your Trigger is setup! Next step is to create your Zapier Action.
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