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Manage Users UI

Manage Users UI

The purpose of this UI is for our Client Admin users to be able to maintain their own users. The Client Admin will need to have the appropriate permissions to be able to access the UI. The Client admin will be able to activate, edit, clone and delete their own users. Please speak with your Account Services Manager to gain access.


Within the Manage Users UI, you will see a list of your current users in your database.  The status indicator will allow you to reactivate a user that has gone to inactive status due to inactivity.  You can click the Status Indicator to toggle them back to Active status. The user’s Status will now be Green.  You can also click Edit from the Actions menu and Activate the user this way.


From the Actions Menu, you can choose to Edit a user.  Editing a user will allow you to update Personal Information and Contact Information.  You will not be able to edit the access or permissions a current user has.  If you need to update access/permissions for a current user, please contact your Account Manager as normal.


From the Actions Menu, Clone will allow you to create a new user based on a current user.  The new user will assume all the same permissions and access as the user you are cloning from.  From your list of current users, choose the one you want to clone and select from the Actions menu on that person.  It will bring up an Edit screen where you can enter the new user information and SAVE.  An email will be sent to the new user with log in and temporary password instructions.


From the Actions Menu, you can choose to Delete a user.  Deleting a user will remove them from your list of current users.  This would be used for a person who is no longer at your company and you wish to remove their access.  If you would like to deactivate their userid, but not remove them from your list, you can toggle their Status Indicator to “off” and it will go from green to grey.

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