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Release Notes for July 14 | V23.10

Audience Builder

Query & Output Unit Demographic Verification Date (UDVD)

A new field named Unit Demographic Verification Date (UDVD) will now be available for query and output. UDVD data is the most recent demographic date for the response within the Unit, save the following two exceptions:

  • Keyman Aggregation – For Keyman aggregation, the UDVD will always be the pulled from the Keyman data.
  • Permanent Aggregation – Under Permanent aggregation, the UDVD will be sourced from the most recent response. However, it’s important to note that in some cases, the member or Keyman associated with that data may no longer exist in the Unit.

Unit Demographic Verification Date in Audience Search

Expanding on the above functionality, the UDVD will be exposed in the Units section of the Audience Search UI, allowing users to view the demographic date associated with Unit responses.

Campaign/Event Tool

Lead Gen Job Table Enhancement

We have introduced a new column in the Lead Gen job table to display the status of the most recent file transmission. The Available Options for this column are:

  • Completed This status will be shown when a file has been successfully sent and reached its destination.
  • Error  This status will be displayed when a file encountered an issue and could not be delivered to its intended destination.


Customer ID and Encrypted Customer ID Included in New Form Submission Zapier Trigger

If a form is set up to process data immediately, users can now store the Omeda Customer ID and Encrypted Customer ID of a new customer in their third party app using the New Form Submission Trigger in Zapier. Previously, only returning customers using a lookup on a form would send the Customer ID or Encrypted Customer ID via the Omeda Trigger.

Improvements to Zapier APIs to Pull Data Faster

When mapping data like Demographics, Deployment Types, and Products in the Omeda Add Customer Zapier action, the drop downs to search for this data will see improved load times.

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