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Odyssey – Global Settings

For users with the appropriate access, the Odyssey Global Settings menu is available within the Odyssey navigation bar. In this screen, users can configure the global voyage settings for their database.

Voyage Business Hours

This setting allows users to configure the Business Hours for their voyage. These Business Hours can be applied within individual voyages to limit the time frame when audience members will advance from a Wait element. For example, if your Business Hours are set to Monday-Friday 6am – 8pm, and an audience member has finished waiting at 12am, they will be held at the Wait element until 6am the next day. In this way, you can prevent your audience members from receiving emails or other marketing efforts, when they are not likely to interact with them. Voyage Business Hours uses the time zone of your voyage.

When one or more dates are selected and saved, in an individual Voyage, a Wait element that is set to to Wait by Elapsed Time will display an option to Apply Voyage Business Hours setting. When selected, the Business Hours will be applied and audience members will only advance after the Wait time has completed and if the time is within the Business Hours range. If not, they will continue to wait until it is Business Hours again.

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