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Release Notes for V20.13

Audience Builder

Active Product Membership Tool Tip

A Tool Tip has been added to the “Active” Product Membership field alerting users to the classes included for each product membership type.

Skittle for Olytics “Page Title” for Audience Builder

A new Text Search Skittle has been added under the Olytics section called “Page Title”. This allows the user to search on the Page Title, provided that data is present in the field. It is recommended that a minimum of 5 characters, including a wild card, are used to perform the search.

Allow Multiple Element Selections for the Same Voyage and Visual Updates

Within the Audience Builder UI, users can select to include or exclude multiple Odyssey elements individually. The “Or” and “And” options have been added to this section allowing the ability to see customer visits for All or Any of the selections. In order to accomplish this previously, complicated multi-group queries had to be built. Other updates were made to this section to clean up the UI, such as:

  • Updating the header names to “Incl” for Include and “Excl” for Exclude
  • Better aligning the Incl, Excl and Visit Start Date options under their appropriate headers

Data Loader

Updates to Edit Mapping General Setup Step of Templates

The Settings screen in Data Loader has been updated to include a Status Toggle on the Template view. Data source has been removed from General Mapping to the Updated Settings Screen. A Default Promo Code has been added to the Settings screen for File Mapping.

Mandatory Tracking for FTP Site Activation

To avoid confusion, a new requirement for activating an FTP site is to have tracking set up. If a user attempts to activate an FTP site without tracking in place, an alert will be triggered stating that this site cannot be activated. If a user removes the tracking from an active FTP site, the site will be reset to inactive.

Email Builder

Column Added to Email Builder Search Screen to Denote if Sent Through Odyssey or Email Builder

In the Email Builder Search UI, a new column has been added allowing users to quickly identify if a deployment was sent through Email Builder or Odyssey.

Search Options in Email Builder – Include Odyssey in the ‘All’ Selection

The “All Except On Demand Send API” option in the drop down for Sent has has been updated to include Odyssey sends.

References to “OnQ” in Email Builder Updated to Audience Builder

References to OnQ in Email Builder have been corrected to Audience Builder or AB where space might be limited.

Form Builder

Allow Form Builder to Maintain Auto Renew Status

A new function in Form Builder allows a Form to display if a paid subscriber’s active subscription has auto renew enabled, and allow that user to disable the Auto Renew if desired.

Allow Client Users to See but Not Change ‘Process Immediately’

External users will now have the “Run Processor Immediately” option as a read only field. This will allow client users access to this information without having to contact an internal user.


Facebook – Pause / Resume List Options

The ability to Pause and Resume (a Paused) Facebook job has been added to the Facebook Ad Manager Integration UI. This will allow a user to stop the audience push to Facebook.


Allow User to “Refresh Count” of a Query from the Saved Query List

An Audience Builder audience source can now be refreshed by the user within Odyssey. This allows the user to review the most up-to-date audience count for their voyage.


Add Sales Product Type as Part of the Manage Assigned Product List

Products with the type “Sales Product” can now be used as Assigned Products for Metering and Personalization.

Personalization and Metering to Target Olytics.Fire Values

Sites can now be targeted to display Personalizations or Meter messages based on parameters that are stored on the page. This will be available through the standard Personalization and Metering applications. Personalizations created through Odyssey will not yet have this feature available.

Metering – Allow Inline Personalization Type

Meter messages can now block inline HTML content. This will allow specific content within a site to be blocked after a site user meets a triggering visit count.

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