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Release Notes for V19.9


Create PDF from Dashboard

The ability to generate a PDF version of your Dashboard has been added.  You will see the “Generate PDF” link in the top right corner of your Dashboard.

Dashboard Selection Preferences will be retained

Selections made in the current session in the Dashboard will now be retained when toggling between Dashboard pages.


Create new content type for Fonts

Users will now have the ability to upload custom web fonts in Dragon.  This will allow a user to utilize those custom web fonts when using Themes in Dragon.

Email Builder

Automate Deployment Delivery Report

A user can now set up an auto send of the Deployment Delivery Report.  The Auto send will go out 7 days after the deployment is sent.  The send list can be set up by selecting the “Report” option in the Email Builder Deployment Defaults, or by updating the Testers and Seeds Pleat in the Deployment.  This list does need to be finalized prior to the deployment being sent.


Unschedule option for Voyages

A new option under the Status Menu “Unschedule” will now be available. You can only unschedule a Voyage that has not yet started, but is already in the status of “Scheduled.” This will allow a user to to make adjustments to that Voyage and is available for Static or Continuous Voyages. Once the option is used, the Voyage is set back to the “Created” status and will need to be scheduled again.


Exclude an Audience Builder Query

In the Personalization UI, we have added the ability to exclude an Audience builder Query, rather than include it, allowing users more flexibility in controlling email saturation

Geo Location Added to Olytics IP section in Audience Builder

In the Olytics IP section of Audience builder, we have added a Geo Location Selector.  These fields will make it easier to isolate IP’s by location. If you would like to query these new fields, please speak with your Audience Service Manager to have them made available to you.

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