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Release Notes for V20.17

Data Loader

Values in Data Loader Will Now be Case Insensitive

All values coming into Data Loader are now case insensitive, meaning values like “aa” and “AA” will be treated as the same and will only need to be mapped once.

Lead Gen

Ability to Show or Hide Inactive Lead Gen Jobs

Users are able to set the Lead Gen UI to either show or hide inactive lead gen jobs. This will allow users to remove inactive jobs from view to keep a cleaner view of just the active jobs.


Clear Out Customer IDs After X Days Allowing Customers to Re-enter a Voyage

Within the Audience element, marketers can leverage a new setting to allow their audience to re-enter the voyage after a set period of time. This will allow Odyssey voyages to support multi-year renewal efforts or re-engagement campaigns where the same audience member might enter the voyage again.

Personalization Olytics.Fire Targeting/Exclusions in Odyssey

The Personalization element in Odyssey now allows users to target or exclude the Personalization from displaying on sites based on the site’s parameters.

Audience Suppression Updates to Prevent Unintentional Selections in Odyssey

The Audience element in Odyssey has been updated to prevent users from unintentionally selecting the same audience member file in the Audience Source and Audience Suppression pleats.


Email Client and Device Breakdown

A new “Opens by Client and Device” report is available for users with access in the Email Reports section of Reports and Analytics. This report will show the device type and email client for recipients who opened a deployment. Users will need to be authorized for this report in order to gain access. 

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