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Release Notes for Oct 27 | V23.15

Audience Builder

Query and Output for Notice ID

A new Skittle has been created for Audience Builder called “Notice Fields,” where fields pertaining to notices will be contained. The first field to be included will be Notice ID, allowing users to target records by what Notice ID they have received previously.

Crosshatch Report Updates

Queries utilizing Qskittles can have extremely long run times when running a Crosshatch Report. To improve user experience, the Crosshatch Report has been modified slightly. When a Crosshatch Report is requested, if the query used contains a Qskittle, the request is handled on the back end. The report is then generated and sent to the user via email. This change does require users to save the query before a Crosshatch can be generated.


Cloning a Voyage Now Clones Triggered Conditions

When a Voyage is cloned, any triggered conditions and triggered condition settings will also be cloned into the new Voyage.

Website Products in Dynamic Content Rule Builder

In Odyssey and Email Builder, users can now create rules based on Website type products when using Dynamic Content. These rules can check the specific class, verification date, and location details associated with a Website product and display content to recipients if they meet the rules.

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