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Email Builder – Getting Started


Email Builder from Omeda is a true end-to-end email marketing solution. Unique in the industry, Email Builder is an email marketing system that is driven from a completely integrated marketing database engine. Omeda completely integrates your database, email, and web activity into one global marketing database. With Email Builder, all the return data from deployments (including opt-outs and undeliverables) is automatically updated to the database, thus ensuring up to the minute data accuracy. Simply, Email Builder will make you money by keeping your database more accurate, more relevant, and more useful.

Getting Started

There’s a lot to learn about Email Builder! The following topics are frequently of interest and will help you orient yourself.

  • Visit our glossary for definitions of email and deliverability related terms.
  • Understanding deliverability is very important to successful email marketing.
  • Become familiar with Email Builder with the user manual.
  • Get the most out of your email data and check out our available Email reports.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on using the Email Builder application available in Email FAQs.
  • Read this handy guide to dealing with Link Tracking Errors.
  • A list of Merge Variables for use in Email Builder.
  • Use our Deployment Checklist to make sure you are not missing anything when setting up new deployments.
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