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Release Notes for Nov 16 | V23.16

Audience Builder

Notice Effort for Query and Output

The next new field to be added to the new “Notice Fields” skittle will be Effort. This field will allow the user to isolate records based on which effort of the notice job they have received. For example If the user would like to see all records with Notice ID 123, when the records are output using Effort in the Output criteria, the user can see exactly which effort each record fell into for the run.

Campaign / Event Tool

Promo Code Upload Tool added fields

Two new columns have been added to the Campaign tool Upload Template along with guidance verbiage to assist the user. Users can now include the “Used on Dragon Forms” and “Form Labels” fields as part of the upload. The “Used on Dragon Forms” will accept a Y to signify Checked, an N to signify Unchecked, or a Blank which will be treated as a Y response. The “Form Labels” will accept text and html in the upload.

Email Builder

Designer in Email Builder is here!

The Designer tool, previously only available in Odyssey, is now available in Email Builder. This tool allows users to easily design attractive email messages without needing to know HTML. Users can now drag and drop content elements into their design and customize their designs directly from the Designer tool in Email Builder.

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