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Release Notes for V21.17

Audience Builder

Selectable Demographics in Demo Report (AB)

When running an Audience Builder Demo Report the user can now select which demographics are included. This has the benefit of speeding up the report production and decluttering the report. Users will have the added flexibility to rename the demographic headers. This can be particularly useful when the final destination is a third party, as sometimes demographic naming conventions might not be intuitive.

CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering)

Personalization to Allow for Multiple Inline Jobs to Appear on a Single Page

Multiple Inline Personalizations can now be displayed on the same page if the element contains the class olytics_injection.

Modification History Logs Available for Personalization and Metering

Client users can now access the Modification History logs for Personalization and Metering.

New Brazil User Group in the Consent Manager

Consent Management users can now select Brazil when specifying a consent manager’s blocking settings. Brazilian visitors can be set to have their cookies blocked after opt out or until opt in.

Allow Visitors with Specific IP Addresses to Bypass a Meter

This feature will allow users to configure a meter so that visitors can bypass the meter if they have a specific IP Address or an IP Address that falls within a given range.

Email Builder

Updates to Opens by Client and Device Type Report

The Opens by Client and Device Type reports will be updated so that opens from the user agent “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; ms-office; MSOffice 16)” will no longer be listed as “Default Browser” and will instead be labeled as “Outlook.” Opens from the user agent “Mozilla/5.0,” the user agent used by Apple users who have opted into Mail Privacy Protection, will also no longer by listed as “Default Browser” and will instead be listed as “Mozilla/5.0.”

Audience Size Limit Option in Deployment Defaults to be Available at the Deployment Type Level

The Audience Size Limit option, which allows a limit to be specified for Email Builder deployments and caps the audience if the limit is exceeded, will now be available at the deployment type level.

Invalid Email Address Filter

Users can now specify via Deployment Defaults if email addresses flagged as invalid should be automatically removed from an Email Builder audience. If selected, when an Audience Builder query or Internal List is uploaded to a deployment, recipients with an invalid email address will be removed.

Recurring Series Campaign ID Field “Append Date” Option

In a Recurring Series Template, a new option is available below the Campaign Id field to append a date. When selected, the date of the deployment will be appended to the Campaign ID for deployments created within that recurring series.

Form Builder

Ability to Display Multiple Gift Recipients on Form Builder Confirmation Emails

Confirmation Emails sent from Form Builder can now display information from every Gift Recipient included within a subscription.


Paused Element Email Notifications

Odyssey will now send the voyage owner weekly notifications if an element in an in progress voyage has been paused for more than seven days.

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