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Release Notes for V18.13

There are a variety of exciting updates and enhancements in the September 27th build. They include updates to Audience Builder, Personalization, Dragon, and Odyssey.

Audience Builder (OnQ)

Search Olytics URL in Audience Builder

The ability to search the URLs collected by Olytics has now be exposed into Audience Builder which gives you additional options to find your target audience.

Various Audience Builder UI Updates

A variety of updates have been made to Audience Builder with the goal of making it easier to use while also putting more of the data you rely on right at your fingertips.

  • Nested excludes will now also be highlighted red
  • The left rail can now be expanded and collapsed in order to show more of the left hand side of the working query canvas.
  • A new count row has been added to the top of the query canvas.  It includes:
    1. Total Universe
    2. Known (+ Behaviors) – This is the total number of Known Customers with at least one website behavior (olytics visit)
    3. Known (Limited) – This is the total number of Known Customers who do not have at least one website behavior (olytics visit)
    4. Unknown – This is the total number of Anonymous Customers
    5. Net Selected – This is the total number of Customers selected from the built query.  This number also can be seen at the bottom of the query.
    6. Distinct Emails – This is the total number of unique emails from the selected Customers in the built query.
  • The Last Refreshed Date/Time has been moved to the blue bar under the menu tab.
  • Various small visual updates including font size, font/icon weight, spacing, rounded corners, etc. have also been added.


Inline Personalization
Personalization now has the the ability to add inline html injection as display option and functionality.  This is an option that allows our clients to always show a piece of personalized content to users on your site without affecting Personalization modals.

Dragon Form Builder

Custom Subdomains from Dragon Pages
Dragon will now allow for Custom Domains to be assigned to Dragon Pages.  Once the client has purchased the domain they want to use for their Dragon Pages please follow the instructions at the following Confluence page in order for the new domain to the available domains dropdown for the client.


Odyssey Voyages – Different Deployment Types
Now you can choose a different Email Deployment Type on each of the Email Elements on your voyage. 

*Splits sill need to have the same Deployment Type for each split.

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