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Release Notes for V21.10

Audience Builder

Cross Hatch Row and Column Fields Updated to Intelligent Search Fields

The Row and Column Selectors for the Cross Hatch Report will now be intelligent search boxes. This will allow the user to start typing the name of the field they are looking for rather than scroll through what can feel like an endless list of fields. Users will still be able to quickly flip the row and column sections just as before.

Auto Renewals

New Merge Variable Fields Available for Auto Renewal

The following fields will be available as to be used as merge variables within auto renewal jobs allowing more flexibility in the auto renewal jobs.

  • term
  • current_quantity
  • customer_id
  • email
  • rollup_expiration_date
  • current_date_MMddyyyy
  • notice_promo_code

Campaign/Event Tool

Promocode Download Tool

Users with access to the campaign tool are now able to download files for active and all promocodes. In this instance active promocodes refer to promo codes that have not exceeded the end date. All promocodes refers to any promocode that has not been put into a deactivated status.

Data Loader

Ability to Remove Files from Omeda SFTP Site

Now, when looking at the files on the Omeda SFTP site via the view directory page, there is an action to delete individual files. This new feature will help keep the view of the files more organized and clean.

Email Builder

New Ignored IPs UI to Configure the IP Addresses and Ranges where Clicks Should be Ignored

A new ignored IPs UI will be available in Email Builder, tools menu which will allow users to add IP addresses and ranges of IP addresses so that clicks from these IPs are treated as unreal clicks.

Dynamic Content Rule Builder Functionality Improvements

Improvements have been made to the dynamic content rule builder so that users can more easily find values for fields where many values exist.

Form Builder

Billing Department Field Now Available for Billing Address

The billing department field is now available to be added to a form. It can be found with the rest of the billing address fields.

Marketing Integrations (Facebook, Adroll, Google)

Facebook Ad Account Sorting

Within the Facebook Ad Manager Integration, the Facebook Ad Manager accounts will now be sorted alphabetically.


Clone Functionality Now Available From the Voyage Canvas

The clone voyage functionality is now available directly from the voyage canvas.

Goal Element Can Now be Used Without an Initial File

The goal element can now be added to a voyage without adding a file before the voyage begins. This will allow users who plan to add an external file, to use the goal element if the external file is not yet ready to be added when the voyage is created.


Update to Personalization Screen and Search Functionality

For consistency across applications, the personalization screen and search functionality has been updated so that when the personalization UI is visited, the list of existing personalizations is displayed and users can click “create new” to create a new personalization. Additionally, the search functionality will include options to search based on status, type and position.

Form Builder Forms Linked From a Button Will Now Have Standard Parameters Automatically Appended

Any form builder form that is linked from a button within a personalization or meter message will now have the following parameters added automatically: pk=default, oly_anon_id, encrypted_customer_id, return_url.


Users can Submit an Idea and Review Omeda Product Roadmap

In the Omeda menu under support, users can now click “submit an idea” to submit ideas they have for the Omeda platform, review the Omeda Product Roadmap, and provide feedback for items that are under consideration.

Web Services / API

New Field Added to Customer Lookup APIs for original_customer_date

The following APIs have been updated to return the original_customer_date field. The original customer date field retains the oldest date on the winning customer record when two customers records are merged.

  • Customer Change Lookup
  • Customer Comp Lookup
  • Customer Lookup by Customer Id
  • Customer Lookup by Encrypted Customer Id

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