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Facebook/Instagram Ad Manager – Integration Description

This integration between Omeda and Facebook lets you push Audience Builder (OnQ) queries into Facebook Ads Manager. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, you can run these ads across both platforms within the Facebook Ad Manager. By connecting audience data and campaign results together in the same place, you can run more campaigns with better insight and analysis in less time.

Benefits of using this integration include:

  • Ability to target ads directly to your audience
  • Ability to create look–a–like audiences based on your segment
  • Ability to see Facebook performance data within the Omeda platform

In addition, this integration also:

  • Removes the need to manually move lists between Audience Builder (OnQ) and Facebook
  • Automatically refreshes lists stored in Facebook Ad Manager so that you don’t have to rerun queries

For more information, including setup instructions, please visit our Facebook/Instagram Ads Manager Integration page. Need to connect your Business Manager account? You can find the step–by–step instructions here.

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