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How to code records In Open Ended Coding (OEC)

1. Go to Menu and select My Omeda under Administer

2. Go to Toolbox and select Open Ended Coding

3. You will see all of the demos that have write-in responses that need coding.

4. Click on the quantity in the Responses column of the demographic you wish to code.

This will then display all the responses you need to code.

5. Under Assigned Value, click on the drop down, select the code/description you want to assign to that write-in response.

6. Be sure to slide all the way to the bottom when you are done coding to Save. You do not need to do this after each response you code.  It just needs to be done before you leave the coding screen.

7. This is a self-building table so you will never see the same exact description again.  In the future, if someone writes in that same description, it will be coded automatically.

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