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Release Notes for Mar 31 | V23.5

Form Builder

Phone Fields to Accept Numeric Values Only

To improve the user experience when filling out a form, phone fields will now only allow numeric values to be typed in. If a user tries to enter an alpha or special character into the field, it will be automatically removed, saving the user time from having to correct the error after hitting an error message upon submit. 

Audience Builder

Output Delivery Code and Route Code for Controlled Records

Historically, Delivery Code and Route Code were only allowed to be output for paid records. These fields will now be available for output for all payment status options.  

Toggle to Display all choices for Paid Subscriptions

A new toggle will be available in Audience Builder under the Paid Subscription skittle for All Fields.  This toggle will allow many paid fields to be displayed regardless of the existence of data.

The All Fields option will function as a reset. All paid selections will be reset when the option is selected or deselected.

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