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Release Notes for V19.2

Audience Builder/OnQ

Profile Filter in Audience Builder Search

When searching for an OnQ query, you can now apply a profile filter to the search limiting the responses to queries created in the selected profile.

Add the Ability to Reorder Groups in Audience Builder

On the right hand side of the group name column, there are three dots that gave you options for the group. Now, when you click on them, you will see two more options to the menu – Move Up and Move Down.

Email Builder/Omail

Added a “Select All” Option for the Delete Function in Email Builder/Omail Deployment Defaults

The ability to “Select All” in the seed list for the delete option has been added to the Seed list’s maintenance section in the deployment defaults tab. This enhancement can alleviate some pain points for clients and the Email Success Team when having to adjust large and sometimes unwieldy seed lists.


Increase Options for Wait Time

The time options in the wait modal of an Odyssey Voyage have been increased to 30 days.

Allow Splits to be used with an Odyssey Voyage Element

The ODY Split feature has now been broadened to be used with any integration element.

Add Right-Click Menu to Canvas Elements Allowing “Clone” and “Delete”

When viewing the canvas page, users are now able to right-click each element and have an option to “clone” or “delete.” Clone will create a copy of the right-clicked element and place it on the canvas. Delete will delete the element from the canvas.


Add Database name to Filter Sync Status Email

The content of the Filter Sync Status email has been updated to include the Database name.

“New Message:
(envId=12378)* Benjamin Media Central database* method=createFilterRecordsFromSubscriptionData() Could Not Update Filter for CustomerId=1100329766, DeploymentTypeId=18, EmailAddress=: Email Address not found. Skipping this customer”

Add Processing Rule ID to the Processing Rule UI

The Processing Rule ID will now appear on the summary line in the Processing Rule UI.


Update Data Tracker Report to Allow Reporting on All Various Product Types

Updates have been made to the Data Tracker Report allowing all product types to be reported on.


Inactive Demographics Are Still Able to be Edited and Used

When a demographic is set to inactive in settings, that demographic can no longer be modified or applied to Dragon Builder. This will require waiting for the cache to refresh. In Audience Search, users will now have the ability to view the last 50 events for Assignments. This can be found in the ABM Tab in Audience View. Users must be authorized to use this function.

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