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Release Notes for July 22 | V22.10

CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering) New Olytics Cookie oly_fire_id A new cookie will be created by the javascript with the behavior id set as the value. This cookie will indicate when the user’s visits are being tracked, and will be blockable by third-party cookie consent managers if a user prefers not to be tracked. Email …

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Release Notes for July 1 | V22.9

Data Loader Receive Email Notifications for Selected FTP Files When setting up email notifications for FTP file uploads, users can now select which files they would like to receive email notifications for. Preview how this update works here. Odyssey Improved Performance for Odyssey Search Screen The Odyssey Search screen has been updated to improve the …

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Release Notes for Feb 4 | V22.2

Audience Builder Unitized Demos Added to Crosshatch Audience Builder users will now be able to select Unitized Demographics when setting up Crosshatch Reports. A Unitized demographic is assigned based on the rules set up for the Unit. Unitized Demographics can be either derived from the Keyman or from the consensus of the Unit. For clarification, …

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Release Notes for V21.17

Audience Builder Selectable Demographics in Demo Report (AB) When running an Audience Builder Demo Report the user can now select which demographics are included. This has the benefit of speeding up the report production and decluttering the report. Users will have the added flexibility to rename the demographic headers. This can be particularly useful when …

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Release Notes for V20.17

Data Loader Values in Data Loader Will Now be Case Insensitive All values coming into Data Loader are now case insensitive, meaning values like “aa” and “AA” will be treated as the same and will only need to be mapped once. Lead Gen Ability to Show or Hide Inactive Lead Gen Jobs Users are able …

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Release Notes for V20.12

Audience Builder “Open in Audience Search” Link for Audience Builder Query Canvas After a query has been saved, the user can click the Net Selected (blue) number link, to open the isolated records in Audience Search.  Hovering over the Net Selected Number gives the message “Click to open in Audience Search”.  A save will be …

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Release Notes for V20.10

Audience Builder Most Recent Engagement Roll Up Date A new field has been added to Audience Builder called the “Most Recent Engagement Date”. This will be a roll up date of the most recent activity of any of the following date fields: Email Opened/Clicked, Subscription Verification, Behavior (non-Olytics), and Olytics Visit. This field will need to be configured …

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