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Best Practices for Testing Forms

Testing errors can be caused by a variety of factors that are not encountered in a real-world user experience. For most accurate testing, especially when you are having trouble with a particular form, be sure to follow the guidelines below.

  • Clear your cache or open the form in a private window (the latter is most reliable).
  • Have only one form open at once.
  • Be sure to start testing on the first page of the form.
  • Keep in mind that the form will time out if left idle too long. This can vary by browser, but it’s a good idea to refresh the page and start over if you have left the form idle for more than two minutes.
  • Use different customer data to fill out the form, and do not fill out a test form with live customer data (it is possible the test transaction could update or append to the live customer record). We recommend coming up with a naming convention such as below. This helps you keep up with your test accounts while reviewing sites or troubleshooting. For example, if you test a site five times using the naming convention below, you can search Audience View for david to see all five customers. This naming convention can also be used repeatedly without triggering the spam filter.
    • First name: david (use the same first name every time)
    • Last name: smithfive (change the last name with each test, along with those below)
    • Address: 5 anystreet
    • Email: or (Use the latter if you need to receive the confirmation email each time. Set up a gmail account for testing or use your own if you’d like. Gmail recognizes an email with “+XXX” appended to the end and delivers to your account, while Omeda’s database views it as a different email. So, and will all be delivered to, but Omeda will view this as three unique email addresses.)
    • Password (if used): pass5
    • Other information can remain the same, but change out the number each time you test the form.
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