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Release Notes for V19.5


  1. Odyssey Canvas flow lines Update
    In order to create a cleaner look and feel of an Odyssey voyage, the flow lines on the canvas have been converted to use 90 Degree angles rather than diagonally. You will see this new look when you create a new voyage, use any of the predefined templates or even when you access an element in a voyage that you are currently working on. We think you will like this new look!
  2. Allow Odyssey to access Deployment Defaults
    All of the default settings that you have stored in Email Builder (Omail) will now pre-pop in your Odyssey voyage. That means you will will not need to retype any of the data that is stored for the Subject line, From line, mailbox and most importantly, the test and seed names! As in Email Builder, any of this pre-popped data can be removed, changed and updated. This will allow you to save a lot of time when creating a new voyage.


  1. Allow “no button” option within Generate Personalization
    We have added a “No Button” option when creating a Persistent bar. This will allow a Persistent bar to be used as a notification banner when no call to action is needed.
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