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Connecting your Facebook Business Manager and Ad Account

Due to security and privacy concerns, Facebook now requires Ad Accounts using custom audiences via a 3rd party tool to belong to a Business Manager account. If you are receiving an error like the screenshot below when posting a file using the Facebook integration, your Ad account is not correctly connected to your company’s Business Manager account.

The error above comes directly from Facebook, and says this explicitly. If you do not have a Business Manager account, you will need to create one and follow the instructions below.

To use Omeda’s Facebook integration, you will need to either:

  • Add your Ad account to your company’s Business Manager account and then push their Audience Builder segments directly to the Business Manager account rather than the ad account that is currently failing. This is the easiest option if it’s doable for your team.
  • Move the ad account that is failing “under” your Business Manager account. Verify that this is a decision that your team wants to make, as this will change the Ad Manager settings to whatever the Business Manager currently has setup.

To move your Ad Manager account under the Business Manager Account:

  1. Go to Facebook Business Manager, click the settings icon (small gear) in the top right, and click “Ad Accounts on the left. Click the blue “Add+” button in the top middle of the screen.
  2. Click “Add an Ad Account”
  3. Carefully read through the paragraphs on permission changes. If you agree, search for the Ad Account you’d like to connect by Ad Account number. NOTE: this will likely change the Ad Account so it is listed as your Ad Account number and not your name. This will also display this way within the Omeda integration. 
  4. If step #3 does not automatically pull the Ad Account under the Business Manager, you will need to go to the Ad Account in question, click the settings icon and there should be a notice of the Business Manager transfer.

Please contact if you have any trouble connecting your accounts.

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