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ABM Accelerator Suite – Data Appends


If you are interested in the full accelerator suite tool kit, Please contact us at 312.312.2050 or for our pricing details. Get Started Now!

Accelerate Your Advertisers’ Elevate your advertisers’ ABM with our new ABM accelerator suite.

Omeda’s ABM Accelerator Suite was created to address specific one-off audience goals for your advertisers’ Account Based Marketing programs. Through customizing the data strategy, Omeda can accelerate your Advertisers’ ABM success. We will refine your first party data of the companies targeted and procure new quality prospects at these companies.

Many publishers are getting started with Account Based Marketing. Our team has significant experience working with publishers on their first ABM pilot programs. If you are using an existing ABM partner, we can provide something they cannot: postal reach! Marketers are looking for innovative extensions to their digital programs. Publishers stand alone in providing physical delivery at highly effective open rates.

Our ABM Accelerator Suite is built to assist in your sales team’s ABM based marketing programs. We will help:

  • Combine your current contacts that reflect the specific company domain targets • Work directly with the sales leaders on refining the advertiser’s goals & deliverables
  • Use our data partner programs to target and secure relevant company domain contacts
  • Work with the sales team to identify prospect targets
  • Build a “Lookalike” company target list to augment current company groups
  • Enhance current martech vendor databases with highly effective postal reach
  • Reconcile program effectiveness


Partner with our sales team to review your campaign goals, ideal test budgets, and prepare the plan & timetable. We can activate these additional data tools to accelerate your ABM audience program.


Many publishers want to bring the full data variable tools to bear. This append library leverages almost every data point possible. The ABM Accelerator suite pricing and append variables are as follows:

records 1-4999$750$0.75
records 5000-9999$680$0.68
records 10,000-19,999$600$0.60
records 20,000-49,999$550$0.55
records 50,000-74,999$470$0.47
records 75,000-99,999$380$0.38
records <100,000$300$0.30

If you are interested in the full accelerator suite tool kit, Please contact us at 312.312.2050 or for our pricing details. Get Started Now!

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