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Release Notes for Apr. 26 | V24.6

Audience Builder

Added “Expand” Option To Left-Hand-Side of Audience Builder
User will now be able to expand the left-hand-side of Audience Builder using the new “Expand” button located at the top of the page.

Introduced New Field Country Calling Code
We introduced a new field to Audience Search called “Country Calling Code”. This required field will be directly tied to a record’s phone number and used for the future SMS enhancements to determine the phone number’s country.

Form Builder

Drag Multiple Elements onto the Builder at Once
Users can now select and drag multiple elements from the left content accordion onto the builder at once.


New UI/UX for Delta to FTP, now named Delta Output
With this release the new UI/UX for the Delta to FTP integration will be released. This new UI contains a more modern look and feel as well as an updated name “Delta Output”.

Send Delta Files Directly to Amazon S3 Buckets
Using the Delta Output integration tool, users can now send delta files directly to a connected Amazon S3 bucket.

Client Empowerment

Deployment Products, Deployment Types, and Behavior Management
In this next round of Client Empowerment releases, users with access will be able to use the pages found in the Manage Database tool to view, create, and/or edit the following:

Omeda’s Empowerment Tools is a series of enhancements designed to empower users (who have access) to be more agile in their work processes by giving them access to perform specific actions without submitting a support ticket. Over the coming months, more Empowerment Tools will be released to Omeda clients to provide them with even more flexibility. In the first release, users were given the ability to view and edit their Database Settings, as well as create and edit their Demographics.

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