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Release Notes for V21.4


Client-Facing API Usage Report
A new client facing report has been developed to recap API usage over a designated time period. The data will be broken out by successful calls, failures and total calls, allowing problems to be identified quickly. This report will require authorization to access it.

The API Usage Report can be found in the Data Reports Section of the Reports & Analytics UI

Add LastPaymentDate and LastPaymentAmount fields to Subscription/Customer Lookup API’s
New fields have been added to both the Subscription and Customer look up API’s. Lastpaymentdate and lastpaymentamount will now be returned when the API’s are called.

Create New “Gift Lookup by Donor ID” API
A new API has been created that will allow the user to pass Donor ID and return relevant info about the gift recipient(s) and their subscription(s).

Audience Builder

Olytics Action Counter Displayed in Query Conditions
The selection criteria for the Olytics Action count will now be displayed on the RHS of the Audience Builder Query. This will allow users easy access to this information without having to navigate to the LHS to find the selection folder to see it.

Designation Field Added as a Query Option in Audience Builder
The Designation field will be available as a query field in Audience Builder. The designation field is unique to the email deployment and opt out type of products.


Make New Dashboard Default Homepage
Upon login, users will no longer be directed to the legacy dashboards but will instead go to the new dashboards (legacy dashboards will still be accessible via link on the new dashboards page).

Email Builder

Expanded Character Limit for the Deployment Defaults Web Tracking URL Field
In Deployment Defaults, the Web Tracking URL field has been expanded to store up to 1500 characters.

Email Builder and Odyssey WYSIWYG Editor Version Update
The Email Builder and Odyssey WYSIWYG editor has been updated to the newest version.

Form Builder

New Form Builder Element Added for Original Order Date
An element has been added to Form Builder Standard Fields to display the date a subscription was first ordered.

New Form Builder Elements for Last Payment Date and Last Payment Amount
Elements have been added to Form Builder Form Elements > Payment to display the date and amount of only the most recent payment.

New Form Builder Element to Display Number of Issues Remaining
An element has been added to Form Builder Form Elements > Payment to display the number of issues remaining on a given subscription.

Add Postal Account Number, Term, and Transaction Key elements for Confirmation Page
Elements have been added to Form Builder to display Account Number, Subscription Term, and Transaction Key on confirmation pages/emails. (Standard Fields > Account Number, Form Elements > Payment > Term, Standard Fields > Transaction Key)

Add PayPal Pay Now as Payment Type to Form Builder
PayPal Pay Now is now an available payment option for paid forms (note: this does not include recurring payments via “PayPal Subscribe.”)


New Email Designer Options to Disable or Reverse Mobile Stacking
The designer tool in Odyssey, will now allow users to disable or reverse mobile stacking.

Requirements for Published Voyage Status Changes Have Been Loosened
The requirements for a published voyage have been loosened so that email elements can be published if only the deployment type is selected.

Update to Done Status Handling for Static Voyages Where an Element Will Not Be Visited
Odyssey Voyages that contain one or more elements that will not be visited due to an unmet condition will now move to the done status if all other visited elements are done.

New A/B Test Element for Static Voyages
A new element, A/B Test, will now be available for static voyages. Within this element, users can select the Audience Test Size and the Win Condition as well as a test time period. When passengers reach this element, the test audience will receive one of the connected Emails. After the test period has elapsed, the winning email will be chosen, and the remaining passengers will advance to the winning email.


Metering Testing Enhancements to Provide Simplified Testing Option and Instruction Updates
The Metering Tester tab will now include a simplified tester option so users can test the Meter Message flow, without creating a specific Tester record. The instructions have also been updated for clarity.

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