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Release Notes for V19.12

Audience Builder

Audience Overlap Report

The Audience Overlap Report allows a user to select up to 5 Audience Builder queries to determine what records overlap between the queries. This “Overlap” will be displayed in a Venn Diagram. To access this report use the “Reports” drop down menu in Audience Builder. Please make sure that your search criteria has all of the available queries in view. You can then pick the desired queries for the analysis.

Data Loader

Error for Blank Namespace in Data Loader

Validation rules have been added to Data Loader. If a user attempts to map to an External ID, but has left the Namespace blank, the system will generate an error alerting them. There will also be an error if a duplicate Namespace is mapped.

Choosing which External ID to Map to

At times a file will have multiple External IDs/namespaces. The user may wish/need to only match on one of these External IDs. When mapping these External IDs, there will now be a check box to allow a user to select which External ID to match on.


Exclude Audience

Within metering we have added the ability to exclude visitors from your meter based on an Audience Builder selection. So for example if you wanted to let visitors with postal addresses for Omeda bypass the meter, you could build an Audience Builder selection that targets company name “Omeda” and exclude them from seeing the meter with this feature.


Duplicate function in Odyssey

We have expanded the Duplicate functionality in Odyssey. In addition to copying the flow of the Voyage, Duplicate will now also copy the content from the original Voyage in the following elements: Wait, Email, Export, Filter, Pathfinder, Facebook, AdRoll and Split. NOTE: The other elements, including Google Ad Manager, Metering and Personalization, will still clone, but not their content.

“Send Now” Removed in Odyssey Voyages

The “Send Now” option in Schedule for Odyssey Voyages has been removed. Users will use the scheduler to pick the future time they wish the Voyage to start.


Archive Personalization

Scrolling through a long list of Personalizations can be cumbersome. You can now Archive unwanted personalizations through the Actions drop down menu on the Edit screen. If at any time you need to view the Archived Personalizations, you may do so using the View Archived link at the top of your Personalization list. Once archived, you still have the option to Reactivate an Archived Job and Clone an Archived Job. If you reactivate it, it will move back into the main list in a “Paused” status and will have its original priority order (when it was active).

Priority List for Personalization

Once a Personalization becomes inactive for being past the specified end date it can be removed from the priority list by clicking ‘Archive All Passed End Date.’ It is located next to the “Search | View Archived | Archive All Passed End Date”. The Archive All Passed End Date will only show if there are some that have expired and status is set to “passed end date.” Clicking Archive All Passed End Date will remove inactive Personalizations from your list and adjust the Priority accordingly. IE if you remove the priority 2 Personalization, the Personalizations numbered 3 and up will all move up one priority.

NOTE: You can edit a priority list by clicking the gear under Actions and select “Set Priority”. It will tell you how many jobs there currently are in the priority list and let you enter the new number for your job. Clicking Save will resequence everything below the new priority.

Personalization Placement

Bottom Left, Top Left, and Top Right have been added to the Personalization display options. These new options will allow users to better place Personalizations depending on their content needs.

Cloning Personalization

Users can now “Clone” an existing Personalization from the edit screen or the “Action” column. All contents of the original Personalization are copied to the clone.

Quick Test Personalization

Users now have the ability to Test a Personalization directly from the list page, instead of having to go into the edit mode.

Display “X” to Close Personalization

When setting up a Personalization, a user can now choose to display the “X” image. This can make it easier for a page visitor to determine how and where to close the modal.

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