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Release Notes for Apr. 5 | V24.5

Audience Builder

“Salutation” Field Available in Audience Builder Field Library

Users will now be able to query on the “Salutation” field in Audience Builder.

Client Empowerment Tools

Demographics and Database Settings

This is the first in a series of enhancements designed to empower users (who have access) to manage their own database, without the need to create a support ticket. Over the coming months, more Empowerment Tools will be released to Omeda clients to provide them with even more flexibility. In this first release, users will be able to view and edit their Database Settings, as well as create and edit their Demographics.

Generally, demographics are fields that store information that audience members provide on forms, like their Primary Business or Job Function. Omeda has several types of demographics available, including: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Whole Number, Decimal Number, Text Response, Yes/No, and Date.

The ability to create and edit demographics allows users to work more efficiently and be more agile (no more waiting on support tickets!). Users will now be able to view and edit predefined demographic data, build new demographic fields to capture pertinent information, and customize form questions to capture desired demographic data.

To access Database Settings, users can click their account profile and select Manage Database. For questions about access to Database Settings, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Form Builder

WYSIWYG Editor Added to Email Confirmations

Create Email Confirmations in Form Builder using the new WYSIWYG editor.

Update Multiple Elements in the Builder at Once

Select multiple elements in the builder to Require, Delete, Conditionally Display, or Conditionally Require all at once.


Content Recommendations in Odyssey

In Odyssey, users with Content Recommendations access will be able to select Use Content Recommendations for Email Elements. Users can specify the number of recommendations, the Content Recommendations behavior, and whether they will use images in their email. In both the HTML editor and the Designer, content can be created using Content Recommendation merge variables. When the email is sent, audience members will receive personalized page recommendations.

To learn more about Content Recommendations in Odyssey, visit this Knowledge Base article.

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