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Release Notes for Oct 14 | V22.14


Dynamic Dashboard Link for Unknown to Known – Past 30 Days

With this release users will see a dynamic (clickable) number for the “Unknown to Known” past 30 days number on the Dashboard. Once clicked this will take the user to the Audience Builder canvas with the item checked in the Dashboard folder. If the Dashboard folder is not configured for the client, a folder is created for the item to be displayed.

Email Builder

Deployment ID Available in Summary Stats Report

The Deployment ID is now available as an option to include in the Summary Stats reports.


Track Analytics Page Data Will Be Truncated at 50 Visits

To improve the performance of the Track Analytics page in Odyssey, only the most recent 50 visits to each element will show on the page itself. If more than 50 visits exist for an element, the user can download the visits into an Excel spreadsheet.

User Prompted to Save Voyage Immediately

To support auto-save functionality for voyages, users will now be prompted to save a voyage immediately after it’s been created.

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