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Release Notes for V19.8


Incognito Browsers

In order to prevent website visitors from circumventing your metering efforts, you can now setup a blocking modal that triggers for incognito browser sessions.

Additional Restriction Options

We have added more options to manage what part(s) of a site are metered. The new options will let users include/exclude entire sections or set of specific pages at both the site and meter level. This gives you the ability to target specific parts of a site more easily.


Campaign Id

The Campaign ID field is now available in Odyssey. This will allow you to assign your internal “ID” number/promo code/campaign ID to a Voyage and ultimately track it through reporting.

Resume and Pause

We have added the ability for users to “Pause” and “Resume” a Voyage. Using the Resume on a Voyage that is in error may clear the error on that voyage and allow it to set sail again. If the Voyage had been paused from a “Scheduled” status (the voyage had not yet been sent) and is then reset via the “Resume” button, the voyage will be sent to Published Status.

Sidebar and Progress Bar

The style of the Odyssey Sidebars and Progress Bars have been updated for a cleaner look. When selecting a Voyage that is either in a status of “In Progress” or “Done”, you will now be brought to the Canvas first. Users can toggle for reporting or navigate to the Analytics page by using the Ellipsis menu and selecting “View Analytics”.


Generation Enhancements

To better accommodate Metering, we added additional options in “Generate Personalization” for the Header Link URL and the Subheader Link URL. When these fields are set, the header/subheader will be clickable, directing you to the URL specified.

Scroll Trigger

We have added a new Personalization type called Scroll Trigger. This new Personalization will trigger a pop up modal when a visitor to a page scrolls past a certain percentage of the page content. The scroll percentage can be set by the user and can be set from 20 – 80 percent.

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