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FreshAddress – Integration Description

FreshAddress has an offering called SafeToSend that is used for cleaning, correcting and validating your email address lists. The service implements strong email hygiene strategy with their three-step screening process.

  • Check: Each address is confirmed in real time to identify that it can accept incoming mail.
  • Correct: Their original spell-check technology can correct up to seven errors in each address and fixes typos that are identified.
  • Protect: Damaging email addresses are identified and flagged as spam-traps or other potential threats.

Beyond having stronger email lists and campaigns, FreshAddress significantly decreases the number of bounced emails, spam-trap hits, stale lists, and damaged sender reputations. The service elevates marketing efforts to create high-level, clean email data and increased delivery percentages.

FreshAddress can be integrated with your forms to ensure data accuracy from the start. Using a proprietary database, this integration works with a scoring system to determine the validity of an email address. Once checked, the email address can be categorized one of three ways:

  • SafeToSend
  • Non–Deliverable
  • Potential Spam–Trap

This information is then put into Audience Builder (OnQ) in its own data field: Email Validity. Using the field, you can easily  build audience segments based on email validity for an increased deliverability rate and higher overall performance levels for your email campaigns.

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