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Email Deployment Search


This service retrieves a list of most recent deployments for a given brand based on search parameters.

Base Resource URI



brandAbbreviationis the abbreviation for the brand

Technical Requirements

The HTTP header must contain the following elements: x-omeda-appid a unique id provided to you by Omeda to access your data. The request will fail without a valid id.content-typea content type supported by this resource. See Supported Content Types for more details. If omitted, the default content type is application/json.

Supported Content Types

If omitted, the default content type is application/json.JSONapplication/json

JSON is the preferred data exchange format, because it is lightweight and, in most cases, faster to process and utilizes less bandwidth. There are many available open-source JSON libraries available. See for details.

Supported HTTP Methods

There is one HTTP method supported:POSTSee W3C’s POSTspecs for details.

Field Definition

The following table describes the hierarchical data elements.

Search Elements Submitted

Element NameRequired?Data TypeDescription
DeploymentNameoptionalstringText match for deployment name.
TrackIdoptionalstringText match for deployment trackId.
EnteredByOrAssignedTooptionalstringText match for user. Matches both the deployment Owner and the deployment creator. In the case of API deployments, the owner and the creator will be the same user.
DeploymentDateStartoptionalstringDeployments have been sent after this date. Format: ‘yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm’, Ex. 2012-01-03 09:30.
DeploymentDateEndoptionalstringDeployments have been sent prior to this date. Format: ‘yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm’, Ex. 2012-02-03 21:30.
StatusesoptionalarrayAn array of internal Omail deployment statuses. Valid submission statuses are: ‘NEW’,’SENT_OR_SENDING’, ‘SCHEDULED’, ‘SENDING’, ‘SENT’, ‘CANCELLED’, ‘WAITING_REVIEW’. Values other than these will be ignored by the API.
DeploymentDesignationsoptionalarrayAn array of Deployment Designations. Valid values are: ‘Newsletter’,’Webinar’,’Third Party’,’Research’,’Live Conferences’,’Virtual Conferences’, and ‘Marketing’.
NumResultsoptionalintegerMaximum number of deployments returned. Max / Default is 200.
TypeoptionalintegerThe deployment type ID you wish to filter the results by.

Deployment List Elements Returned

Element NameRequired ?Data TypeDescription
OwnerrequiredstringOmail user who owns the deployment. Generally this is the creator of the deployment.
StatusrequiredstringThe deployment state.
FinalApproverrequiredstringOmail account userID specified as the final approver of the deployment.
UrlrequiredlinkUrl for the Deployment Lookup Api.
DeploymentTypeIdrequiredintegerDeployment type id for the deployment.
DeploymentTypeDescriptionrequiredstringThe ‘name’ of the deployment type for the deployment. Example: “Digital Newsletters”.
DeploymentDesignationrequiredstringThe deployment designation.
TrackIdrequiredstringOmail deployment tracking number.
CreatedDaterequireddatetimeDate & time the deployment was created. yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format. Example: 2010-03-08 21:23:34.
CreatedByrequiredstringOmail account userID that created the deployment.
ScheduledDateconditionaldatetimeDate & time the deployment is scheduled to deploy. yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format. Example: 2010-03-08 21:23:34.
SentDateconditionaldatetimeAvaialable only if the deployment has been sent. Date & time the deployment was sent. yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format. Example: 2010-03-08 21:23:34.
DeploymentNamerequiredstringUser-specified deployment name

Request Example #1

This example would search the Omail system for a deployment name containing the letter ‘e’, with TrackId containing the letter ‘e’, with a scheduled date between March. 28th 2012 12:00 AM and April 2nd, 2012 at 11:59 PM, with a status of ‘SENT’ or ‘SENDING’,for deployment whose type is designated as ‘Webinar’ or ‘Newsletter’, with a maximum number of results returned being 50.

    "DeploymentName": "e",
    "TrackId": "e",
    "EnteredByOrAssignedTo": "e",
    "DeploymentDateStart": "2012-03-28 00:00",
    "DeploymentDateEnd": "2012-04-02 23:59",
    "Statuses": [

    "DeploymentDesignations" : [
     "Webinar", "Newsletter"

    "NumResults": 50

Request Example #2

This would be the search object for searching the top 50 most recent deployments that have a status of sent.

It is important to note that if a field is not included in the search JSON, then the field is not included as part of the search. For instance, in this example, “DeploymentDateStart” and “DeploymentDateEnd” were not included in the search JSON. This means that the search will not be restricted by the date the deployment was sent.


    "Statuses": [
    "NumResults": 50

Response Example

JSON Example

    "Deployments": [
            "Owner": "JDOE",
            "Status": "Scheduled",
            "FinalApprover": "JDOE",
            "Url" : "{brandAbbreviation}/omail/deployment/lookup/FOO120330019/*"
            "DeploymentTypeId": 10057,
            "DeploymentTypeDescription": "Digital Subscriptions",
            "TrackId": "FOO120330019",
            "CreatedDate": "2012-03-30 11:53:23",
            "CreatedBy": "JDOE",
            "ScheduledDate": "2012-04-04 20:00:00",
            "DeploymentName": "4-4-12 FOO Deployment #1",
            "DeploymentDesignation": "Webinar"
            "Owner": "JDOE",
            "Status": "Scheduled",
            "FinalApprover": "JDOE",
            "Url" : "{brandAbbreviation}/omail/deployment/lookup/FOO120330019/*"
            "DeploymentTypeId": 10057,
            "DeploymentTypeDescription": "Webinar Notices",
            "TrackId": "FOO120330029",
            "CreatedDate": "2012-03-30 16:37:03",
            "CreatedBy": "JDOE",
            "ScheduledDate": "2012-04-03 09:00:00",
            "DeploymentName": "4-3-12 FOO Deployment #2",
            "DeploymentDesignation": "Newsletter"

Failed Submission

A failed POST submission may be due to several factors:

400 Bad RequestTypically, this error occurs when the request does not follow the specifications. In the case of an update, this can occur if an HTTP PUT request is submitted without a TrackId element in the submitted json data.
403 ForbiddenTypically, this error occurs when the credentials are erroneous. Potentially, an incorrect x-omeda-appid.
404 Not FoundTypically, this error occurs with a malformed URL or the resource that is searched for is not found. This can occur if a BrandAbbreviation submitted is not found in our system.
405 Method Not AllowedTypically, this error occurs when the resource accessed is not allowed by the HTTP Method utilized. Make sure you employ the correct HTTP Method (POST) for this request.

This is not an exhaustive list of errors, but common ones. If an error occurs repeatedly, please contact your Omeda representative.

JSON Example

  "SubmissionId" : "C95AE90C-BEC6-41F2-91E2-2BA9168D1D1F",
  "Errors" : [
      "Error": "The AppId submitted is forbidden access."
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