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Release Notes for V20.7

Audience Builder

Warning When Attempting to Output Large Files

A new warning has been created alerting the user when they are outputting very large files. The user will receive a message that says “Your file exceeds 500,000,000 data cells. This will likely slow down other jobs. Are you sure you’d like to continue?” The options to Continue or Cancel are provided. This is a warning message not an error message, meaning the user can choose to go back to Audience Builder to further refine the data set. If they proceed with the output as is, they are armed with the knowledge that this output may affect other files from being output.

Error to Prevent Users from Starting an Output Job for a Query if One Is Already Running

A new error message has been created, for manual Audience Builder outputs only, alerting the user that an Output for the file they are attempting to Output is already running. The message reads – “There is already a requested Output for this query. You will need to wait until that one is complete before requesting it again”.  The user will not be able to proceed with the Output and will need to try again later.

Data Loader

Default Mapping Settings/Validation Rules

The following Settings will be defaulted to on when creating a template in the Data Loader UI, but can be turned off if desired by the user:

48 – Fail Too Many Matches

49 – Process Non-Match as Add

2 – Vulgarity

23 – Valid Country Code

19 – Valid USA Postal Code

18 – Valid US phone Number

3 – Junk Names

6 – Validate Customer Name

50 – Invalid Email Address Format

Widget Updates

The look of the drop down menus in the Data loader UI mapping steps have been updated to be consistent with other portions of the UI. The area for Constant and Options has been adjusted to make the area a bit clearer.

Clear Mapping (Per One Step)

Users will now have the ability to “Clear Mappings” in one step rather than having to remove each mapping individually. This will allow remapping a template to be much faster than previously possible.

General Mapping Step: “Restore Defaults”

In the General Mapping page, users will now have the ability to restore defaults after changes have been made to a mapping. This will allow the user to revert back to the original settings and start over if necessary.

Email Builder

Rename “Brand” in Email Builder

Within the Email Builder UI all references to the term “Brand” have been replaced with the term “Database” to align with the naming convention in other parts of the UI.


Invalid Link URL Warning

If a link is used in the Email element in Odyssey that is not formatted correctly and cannot be tracked, an error will display in the Odyssey UI. The error message can be expanded to show all links that are not track-able. The user is also directed to the Knowledge Base article describing how a link can be improperly formatted.

Link Disabled Toast
Tracking Disabled Details


Add PayStatus to Manage Assigned Products

In Metering, users can now define the visitors that should not be metered. They can do so by going to the Configuration tab > Manage Product Targeting. There, they will select a product and then a payment status to further define which visitors should not be metered. If at least one value has been selected for both Class and Payment Status, a visitor must meet both conditions to be excluded from the meter.


Add PayStatus to Manage Assigned Products

In Personalization, under Manage Product Targeting and after designating a product, users can select one or more Payment Statuses to further define the visitors that should be targeted. If at least one value has been selected for both Class and Payment Status, a visitor must meet both conditions to be targeted by the Personalization.


Website Visit By Customer Report

A new exportable Olytics report has been developed called the “Website Visit by Customer Report”. When processed, the report exports data by website and includes the number of website visits by a visitor for a given time period. This report will require authorization through Settings for access and will be found in the Olytics Reports section under the Reports and Analytics UI.

Personalization Summary Report

A new Personalization report has been created that will provide the user with a Summary View of Personalizations across their database. This report can be dialed into a specific or broad date range depending on the desired information and will display:

Total Impressions – The number of times the job has fired

Known Impressions – Unique count of known people who saw the Personalization

Anonymous Impressions – Unique count of anonymous people who saw the Personalization

Total Clicks – Total number of clicks on the Personalization

Known Clicks – Unique count of known people who clicked on the Personalization

Anonymous Clicks – Unique count of anonymous people who clicked on the Personalization

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