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Email – User Set-up

Your Omeda team will set up User Accounts based on allowable access levels. Users will be assigned access at both the ‘sending’ and ‘report’ level.

Levels for sending deployments include (users would be assigned to only one category):

  • Can set up, modify, schedule and send deployments for which the User is responsible (defined within portal as Client Omail ASP User)
  • Same access level as above but can also modify deployments from any other User and can also reassign the ‘owner’ role (defined within portal as Client Omail ASP Admin)
  • Can only ‘view’ deployments and reports, has no ability to edit nor download data from reports (defined within portal as Client Omail User)

Levels for report access include (users can be assigned to multiple levels):

  • Access to view Deployment Summary report only (defined within portal as Deployment Summary)
  • Access to view Deployment Summary report and the Deployment Delivery Report (defined within portal as Deployment Reports)
  • Allow user to download data from all Email Builder reports (defined within portal as Deployment Email List

Users must also be authorized for the Email Builder Reporting Tool that appears internally within the “Enable Access” section when creating user accounts.

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